Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is a professional master degree set up by the Academic Degree Office of the State Council in 2010. Its purpose is to improve the cultivation system, innovate the training mode, and enhance the quality for engineering management professional education, hence meeting the urgent needs for engineering management talents in the development of our country’s modern engineering. Engineering management involves the decision-making, planning, organization, command, coordination and control for engineering practice, which includes:

? Technical and economic decision argumentation and implementation process management of large-scale engineering construction projects.

? Management and control of designing, developing, and manufacturing important complex new products and advanced equipment.

? Management of technological innovation, renovation, transformation and internationalization.

? Research and management of overall layout and development strategy for industry, engineering and technology.

? Planning, implementation, promotion, and innovation of engineering management system, technology system, production system and service system.

For the huge investment scale, complex decision-making process, numerous technologies and participants, large organizational structure, and long duration of engineering projects, engineering management is playing an increasingly important role in modern engineering practice.

In the last 20 years, “technology innovation + business model innovation” has become the engine of world economy development and talents mastering this skill have become core elements to promote economic development. In order to adapt to social economy and technological development’s demand for high-level compound project managers, School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University set up the professional master degree of engineering management (MEM) project. Through providing students with interdisciplinary education across the frontier knowledge of management and related engineering technology, our purpose is to help engineers and managers to grow into high-level and international leaders who master international vision, systematic thinking, deeply understand the management rules of major projects, have solid management theory and skilled practical operation method, own excellent leadership and communication skills.

In the cultivation process, our MEM project focuses on training the following aspects of students’ ability:

? Understanding core management knowledge, such as marketing, accounting, organizational behavior, business ethics, law and finance, enterprise organization, etc.

? Mastering internal and common management knowledge, such as system engineering, total quality management, production management, product and process design management, production planning and control, etc.

? Being familiar with knowledge and skills for engineering management practice at different levels.

? Owing methods and experience of integration and management in practical engineering project problems solving.

The future career development directions for MEM students are as follows:

? Promoter and leader of technology and business model innovation, manager in the major engineering construction projects.

? Manager of developing and promoting important and complex new products.

? Manager of technology innovation, renovation, transformation and internationalization.

? Researcher and manager in major layout and development strategy of industry, engineering and science and technology.

? Leader and manager in planning, implementation, promotion and innovation of management system, technology system, production and service system in the world’s major industrial and service fields.

Our MEM program offers four directions: E-commerce and Big Data Management, Project Management, Energy and Chemical Engineering Management, Digital Economy and Intelligent Manufacturing. In 2012, Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) was approved to be one of the first universities to launch MEM program. Based on the two national “Double Top Disciplines”,  management science and engineering and business administration, in School of Management, we adhered to the XJTU’s outstanding tradition of “High Starting Point, Firm Foundation, Strict Requirements and Emphasis on Practice” in MEM program. In the passed twenty years, we have cultivated a large number of high-level compound engineering management talents, including astronauts, for our country. We have made great contributions in serving the national economic and social development, engineering industry innovation and solving major engineering management problems. Nowadays, XJTU has become one of the major universities that lead the development of MEM education in China.

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